Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quick Reminder About Posting On This Blog

I have had a few emails with questions on how to post to this blog. I sent out invitations to join this blog, and I am still showing close to 20 that did not respond to the invitation. If you can not figure out how to post to this blog, you need to go and accept the invitation I sent at the first of May.

Once you do that, the blog will show up on your dashboard just like your regular blog does. From there, you can post just like you would on your own blog.

If you don't have a blog...don't worry...I can walk you through the process. It is not hard. I will do a short tutorial for you if you need me to do that.

I'd love for everyone to join and post about their progress!! It is a lot of fun seeing what all the creative minds out there are doing with their fabrics!!!

Thanks to all who have posted already....I love it!!! It is amazing what some find ugly and what others find they love!!

***** also, if there is anyone who would like to play along twice, I have had a few emails with folks who missed the deadlines and would like to join. Remember you have six months to complete the project so if you'd like to do two challenges, I can pair you with another person if you like. Just email me!! P.S. I myself am doing two!!! So who is up for that?!

~ Suzanne


Julianne K said...

Hi Sue..I would be up for two challenges...

Patricia Faye said...

I would be up to 2 challenges too. I sent you an email with my information