Monday, April 30, 2012

Swap Emails Have Been Sent

All Swap Emails have been sent out with your swap partners information! Please just hit reply and send to that email so I know you received your information.

If you do not see it in  your inbox, please check your spam folder.

Thanks again...good luck....and have a great time!!

Swap is officially Closed 3:15 PM Central TimeSwap Etiquette

 The swap is officially closed. There are 51 swappers participating. I have made swap assignments and will have emails out as soon as I can. (hopefully this evening)

Below are just some pointers to keep in mind: 


 Swap Etiquette

Just a few things to remember when participating in a swap:

1, They follow the swap rules. Read and understand the guidelines of the swap, each swap is different. These rules are there for a reason and following them makes for a better swap experience for all. The rules are usually based on common sense and thoughtfulness.

2. Be courteous when sending your materials to your partner.  The best rule of thumb is "Swap as you would want to be swapped with" That being said, I know this is a bit different. "The theme is UGLY...and well.....ugly is as ugly is!! I would say, try and send good quality quilting cotton. If the fabrics are paper thin when you hold them to the light, that would not be a good choice. Remember these fabrics no matter how ugly they are will be worked into a quilted project by your partner. Please send quality UGLY fabrics. That being said...I have seen some mighty pretty fabrics that others thought were ugly, remember everyone sees things differently and beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.

2. Send your partner swap materials out on time. Make sure you meet deadlines and make sure you send your partner their package timely. If there is a "send by" date, make sure you try to stick to that and remember your partner is waiting excitedly for a package to appear in their mailbox. The more time that goes by, the more they'll worry that it's been lost in the mail. As well, always include your contact information. Your partner needs a way to reach you so she/he can thank you and to let you know your package made it there safely. If there is a delay, notify your swap partner of that fact so they know their package will soon be in the mail.

3.  Be gracious when you receive your own swap materials. When you receive your swap materials, please contact your partner as soon as you can. It's good manners to thank them for their package, and they'll be wondering if their package made it to you. It's no fun to be left wondering.

Everyone has a life outside of swapping, and of course that life comes first. If something comes up that prevents you from seeing the swap through, contact your swap mama right away. There is always someone who will happily step in for you, and no one will think poorly of you for it.

The most important thing to remember is that there are real people involved in the swap. One is working for you, and one is waiting for you. Let's all consider the people on the other ends of the swap and help make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Working on List....Check to see if you are confirmed!!!!

This is my last ditch effort to not leave anyone out of this swap if they want to participate. I am mailing swap emails by the end of the day on Monday.

Below is the list of people who are confirmed. You will find name/state. Please make sure you are on the list. If need to email me PRONTO.

Once I close this on is closed. Period.
List as of Sunday April 29th - confirmed participants

1. Mary - New Zealand
2. Sue - Pennsylvania
3. Kylie - Australia
4. Jacqueline - Wisconsin
5. Pam - Washington
6. Patricia - Texas
7. Fiona - Lativa
8. Phoung - New York
9. Susan - Georgia
10. - Mary - Washington
11. Kathy - Virginia
12. Gari - Alabama
13. Genie - Virginia
14. BJ - Arizona
15. Pat - Delaware
16. Stacy - Arizona
17. Barbara -Minnesota
18. Gun - Sweden
19. Diane - England
20. Terrie - California
21. Deidra - North Carolina
22. Mina - Texas
23. Realene - Australia
24. Kim - Massachusetts
25. Beverly - Michigan
26. Mandy - Texas
27. Cathy - Illinois
28. Stanislava - Croatia
29. Julianne - California
30. Martha - Louisiana
31. Mary - Minnesota
32. Suzanne - Texas
33. Colima - Oregon
34. ---- extra spot already taken
35. Roslyn - Arizona
36. Ann Marie - Florida
37. Andee - Arizona
38. Michele - Washington
39. Kristina - West Virginia
40. Julie - Utah
41. Marianne - Florida
42. Robyn - Texas
43. Betty Utah
44. Doreen - Canada
45. Kathy - Ohio
46. Mary - Texas
47. Debi - Texas
48. Angel - Canada
49. Jane - UK
50. Patti - Canada
51. Linda - Iowa
52. Melissa - Indiana
53. Heather - Canada

If you are not on this list....please email me at once at

Also, invitations to join this blog have all gone out...please check your emails!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Please check your emails!!!

I have been updating the list through the emails you all have sent. I still have not received emails for about 22 swappers.

I need you to email me right away if you have not gotten a reply from me stating I received your information!!

I need your COMPLETE mailing address please.

Also, if you are willing to send internationally, please let me know that too. I need a few who will send internationally.

As soon as I receive all the address, I can begin swapping and have this all ready to go by the 1st!!

Thanks again for your swift reply!!

Email at: 

Note: I can not look up everyone who has not emailed me, at this time I just do not have the free time to do so. If you want to be included,  you need to email me the information I requested. Thanks for understanding!! 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Update: Questions Answered!

I am excited to see how many have signed up for this fun challenge! I'd like to encourage you if you have a blog to do a small short post about this and direct as many interested quilters here as you can during the next couple of weeks. I know the last challenge like this I was in, once people started posting about their progress in their quilts, there were a lot of disappointed people that they missed the deadline to sigh up, so please help me get the word out before I assign swap partners!

 A couple of questions I'd like to answer below:

Is the swap opened to international swappers? 

Yes, it is opened to international swappers. If I can, I will swap you with someone from your country if there is not someone participating from your country, please remember you may be swapping from someone other than the US. I will do my best in this part of the swap to keep shipping down to a minimum.

Do I have to make a quilt?

No, it is a quilting challenge and you can make anything out of your fabrics that is quilted. Just remember you need to use at least 90% of the fabrics sent to you on whatever project you choose to complete.

Do the fabrics have to be in the same colorway or likeness?

No, they don't. It is up to you what you send and how you divide up what you send. You can send one fabric or 10, as long as it equals 2 yards total.

 My blogging friend Ros was in the same challenge as I was a couple of years ago. These are the fabrics that were sent to her.....

.......and this is the quilt she made....stunning! I don't see anything ugly about this one at all!!

I have never done anything like this, will it be hard to do?

No, absolutely not. Remember this is YOUR project when finished. It is a challenge to decide how to use the fabrics, but I am here to tell you some fantastic things can be made with "ugly" is a great challenge that gets you thinking outside the box. I would have never used the fabrics that were sent to me when I did this before, but in the process it really stretched my abilities and creative thought process. I treasure that quilt I made from the Brown Bag Challenge and it certainly is not ugly in my eyes. It is not hard, it is a fun learning process and super fun to see what others have made with the fabrics you sent them.

 My swap partner in the previous challenge was Mary. I hate to admit it but these are the fabrics I sent her for her challenge......

Mary made a cute table runner and a set of place mats for her spring table!! I think she did a great job. Here is the link to see my quilt and the fabrics I was sent from my partner, in case you missed that post!

I am going to try to go through all the emails this weekend. If you have not emailed me your mailing address please do so as soon as possible. I want to be able to get everyone swapped and emails sent as close to the passing of May 1st as possible!!! I know you are as excited as I am for this to start!!

Thanks again for spreading the word for me.....the more the merrier in my opinion!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

In The Bag - Ugly Fabric Quilt Challege Introduction

SWAP IS CLOSED as of 3:15 PM April 30th
Welcome!! This blog was created for this challenge and for you! If you are interested in participating, please leave me a comment here below this post and follow the directions below. 

You are invited to join this blog as well. Just let me know you are interested and I will send you the invite. This is a great place to post about your fabrics sent, and progress on your quilt or item quilted for all to see!! This should be a fun six months and I encourage you to get the word out and grab a button on the side bar. 

Signups will run through April 30th or until we reach 120 participants.

You can make a quilt, table runner or anything quilted!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
“In The Bag - Ugly Fabric Quilt Challenge”

Fabric Exchange & Quilt Challenge Rules

1. Gather two yards total fabric: four 1/2 yard cuts or 8 fat
quarters or any other combination. Nice, clean, smoke-free,
pet-free, quilting fabric, preferably from your stash....Ugly Fabrics!

2. Wrap it up securely for shipping. Include a little note of
introduction, or any information you want your
new “In The Bag” friend to know.

3 .Leave a comment after the “In The Bag - Ugly Fabric Quilt Challenge” post below.  Then email your request to participate along with your mailing address to - please do not list personal information in your comment post!

4. Wait for a reply matching you to your new “In The Bag”
friend. These will be sent out by the last day of April. You will be assigned a participant number to use later, please remember that number.

5. Mail your lovely “In The Bag - Ugly Fabric”  package to your exchange

6. When your fabric arrives, construct a quilt using 90% of the
fabric in your “In The Bag”.
 You may add: Any percentage of fabric from your own stash & you may add 1 yard newly purchased piece of fabric. There is no min. or max. quilt size required.
Fabric may be used on front, back & binding of quilt. Quilt
size is determined by the amount of fabric you add to the 2 yards you will be sent in your “In The Bag”

7. The quilt or item you make is yours to keep.

8. Almost done… Post a photo of your completed quilt on flickr:

Photo must be posted by midnight October 1, 2012 to be considered for prizes. Use your
participant number on your photo post.

9. When you have completed all the steps, email me and I will send you a
completion ticket number. (Good for a drawing & prizes)

10. Each entry = 1 ticket

11. Contest starts May 1, 2012 & contest ends October 1, 2012(at
midnight). Complete the process for each entry. Play multiple
times if you like.

We will draw for Prizes after October 1 2012

Hope you enjoy this quilt challenge and make a new friend.