Friday, April 20, 2012

Update: Questions Answered!

I am excited to see how many have signed up for this fun challenge! I'd like to encourage you if you have a blog to do a small short post about this and direct as many interested quilters here as you can during the next couple of weeks. I know the last challenge like this I was in, once people started posting about their progress in their quilts, there were a lot of disappointed people that they missed the deadline to sigh up, so please help me get the word out before I assign swap partners!

 A couple of questions I'd like to answer below:

Is the swap opened to international swappers? 

Yes, it is opened to international swappers. If I can, I will swap you with someone from your country if there is not someone participating from your country, please remember you may be swapping from someone other than the US. I will do my best in this part of the swap to keep shipping down to a minimum.

Do I have to make a quilt?

No, it is a quilting challenge and you can make anything out of your fabrics that is quilted. Just remember you need to use at least 90% of the fabrics sent to you on whatever project you choose to complete.

Do the fabrics have to be in the same colorway or likeness?

No, they don't. It is up to you what you send and how you divide up what you send. You can send one fabric or 10, as long as it equals 2 yards total.

 My blogging friend Ros was in the same challenge as I was a couple of years ago. These are the fabrics that were sent to her.....

.......and this is the quilt she made....stunning! I don't see anything ugly about this one at all!!

I have never done anything like this, will it be hard to do?

No, absolutely not. Remember this is YOUR project when finished. It is a challenge to decide how to use the fabrics, but I am here to tell you some fantastic things can be made with "ugly" is a great challenge that gets you thinking outside the box. I would have never used the fabrics that were sent to me when I did this before, but in the process it really stretched my abilities and creative thought process. I treasure that quilt I made from the Brown Bag Challenge and it certainly is not ugly in my eyes. It is not hard, it is a fun learning process and super fun to see what others have made with the fabrics you sent them.

 My swap partner in the previous challenge was Mary. I hate to admit it but these are the fabrics I sent her for her challenge......

Mary made a cute table runner and a set of place mats for her spring table!! I think she did a great job. Here is the link to see my quilt and the fabrics I was sent from my partner, in case you missed that post!

I am going to try to go through all the emails this weekend. If you have not emailed me your mailing address please do so as soon as possible. I want to be able to get everyone swapped and emails sent as close to the passing of May 1st as possible!!! I know you are as excited as I am for this to start!!

Thanks again for spreading the word for me.....the more the merrier in my opinion!!

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