Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ann Marie has her thinking cap on.

Ok here are my Ugly's that Roslyn sent me.

We have a multi blue with planets and gold glitter, then a black/blue with silver glitter, a brighter blue with sun stars and moons and silver glitter, black and gray skyline print w/touch of blue and more silver glitter, then a black/brown/gray print, navy blue with red very busy design, and then a multi purple fabric. Ok where is my rainbow..............this bunch needs some COLOR. They look VERY dark in person, but look pretty bright in this picture.

But I am NOT afraid of glitter, in fact there is a lot in my collection that has glitter on it, blue is what I do have the most of too. Hmmmmm the thinking gears are churning. I will come up with something out there I am sure. How many days do I have left to finish??????  Please tell me it is after the end of June and I am good.


Julianne K said...

Those actually arent too bad, I could work with those!

Mandy Weaver said...

I'm seeing a disco ball in your future!!!

Celtic Thistle said...

I think you did quite well there! I hope mine are as ugly as these :)